All Files and Documents in One Secure Place

All files and documents should be consolidated. They should belong to the board and not be stored in private online file storages or on personal computers. With Unioo, you can centralize the board's important files in one secure location. In many volunteer associations, there is ongoing turnover in the board, which can pose challenges when transferring files, documents, and experience to new board members. With Unioo, the board can avoid losing access to vital information and once and for all centralize their work in a secure place, accessible to the entire board at all times. The board's work can be optimized with file sharing and a clear approach and overview of the board's documents.

Create Folder and Files

It's easy to create new folders and upload files within them. Here, you can organize all the board's files in one secure place. Whether it's old minutes, accounts, and pictures, or something completely different.

Everybody has Access

All directors of the board have access to the files. The board owns the files, and they are not stored on local machines or in private online file storages. Gain full control over the board's files and documents.

No Files Left Behind

If files are stored on private computers, it's likely they'll disappear when a director leaves the board. With files stored in Unioo, this can't happen. Here, files are collected and securely preserved.

Automatic Subscriptions +
Board Portal

Create the association's members and automate the membership fees. The board's work can now be centralized in the board portal – meetings, agendas, tasks, files, and much more.

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