Unioo is a tool for internal board work. Below, you will find a complete overview of our smart features.

Members & Subscriptions

Automatic membership fee processing – without expensive payment agreements and lengthy terms and conditions. Membership fees are automatically paid out to the association. Get a complete overview of members and their fees.

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Events & Ticket Sales

Create events with ticket sales. Scan tickets at the entrance with a smartphone and receive ticket revenues automatically. Easy for the participant, cost-effective for the association.

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Efficient Management of Meetings

Easily convene board members for meetings and keep track of attendance. Receive automatic notifications and reminders. Board members can effortlessly access the agenda, allowing them to prepare for meetings. Create meeting templates for recurring similar meetings.

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File Sharing

Upload files or documents to the media library, keeping all the files of the association in one place. Files are linked to where they're mentioned or used, such as in meetings or tasks. From now on, the files belong to the board and not individual members. This automates the handover process from the old to the new board.

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Task Management

Create and assign tasks within the board. Set deadlines and receive reminders to ensure tasks are completed on time. Attach files, descriptions, etc., for clarity. Easily check off tasks once they are completed.

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We're Just Getting Started

... and the list is lengthy with the things we have in the pipeline. Join us and be part of shaping the future of board management.

Parent Organization

Does your organization consist of local associations? Now, you can consolidate the entire organization into one system and gain a comprehensive overview.

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Automatic Subscriptions +
Board Portal

Register the members of the association and let subscriptions run automatically. Board work can now be consolidated in the board portal – meetings, agendas, tasks, files, and much more.

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