Prepare Solid Board Meeting Minutes

In the daily work of the board, the agenda and minutes are important tools that can help utilize the time and potential of the board more effectively.


The content and structure of the minutes can be easily managed. There are useful tools available to assist, and below, you can find an example and a template. Minutes should include the decisions made, as well as important information and viewpoints recorded.

In practice, minutes are often used as a checklist so that in subsequent meetings, follow-ups can be made on decisions previously taken. Therefore, it is natural to note in the minutes who is responsible for the tasks decided upon.

You can structure the minutes by using the following points:

  1. Header (e.g., 'Board Meeting October 2018')
  2. Date and Location (e.g., 'October 12, Clubhouse')
  3. Attendees (who is present and who has sent apologies. Note the secretary and chairperson if applicable)
  4. Agenda items in bullet points
  5. Decisions (include a separate section for decisions made)
  6. Tasks (list in bullet points who is responsible for which tasks before the next meeting. These tasks may be included in the agenda for the next meeting)
  7. Next Meeting (end the meeting by agreeing on the date and location for the next meeting, as well as any agenda items)

Some Good Advice:

  • Keep it short and concise. The decisions are what matters most, so they shouldn't get lost in a cluttered report. If it's important to capture everything, participants have said about a topic, consider attaching a detailed report as an appendix.
  • Always note the names of those responsible for each task.
  • Write informatively and avoid personal opinions and comments.
  • End and send the minutes to all board members and participants immediately after the meeting concludes.

Practice makes perfect

Minutes should be taken for all board meetings, and mastering note-taking techniques may require practice. Therefore, it's a good idea to have the same secretary for each meeting, and using a template for minutes can be beneficial. By using a template, the chosen secretary doesn't need to spend time on the structure of the minutes but can focus on the content

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