Volunteers in the Associations

In Europe, volunteer work is driving societies. Voluntary associations are an integral part of the welfare of our different nations and is to be found in all shapes and sizes doing good in local societies as well as nationwide.

Community life and volunteering go hand in hand

It is impossible to separate community life from volunteering.

Without volunteers, associations cannot exist. An association needs all kind of volunteers. Board members, coaches, instructors, organizers, or those who occasionally lend a hand at events.

Many associations bring people together across different ages and social groups, while others have smaller interest groups and specific purposes. Regardless of the purpose, most Europeans have experienced community life closely and have been shaped as individuals during their childhood or youth. Whether it's the scout club, soccer club, theater group, or stamp collecting club, it has provided many with a fundamental understanding of community and taught them to actively participate in society.

Associations in the Future

Running an association, whether it is large or small, comes with its challenges. Therefore, it is crucial to preserve voluntary work and community life, which are central and positive elements of European society. Associations play a significant role in shaping the future of our societies, promoting interaction between people, and contributing to integration and community.

There are many efforts to make it easier to run associations. Starting an association is relatively straightforward, and many resources, provided by both businesses and organizations, offer guidance on getting started, from the initial meetings to formal articles of association and registration.

Together We Achieve

The thousands of voluntary associations have million members, enjoying broad support. Increasing efforts are being made to promote community life on various levels. In all associations, there is a board with a wide range of responsibilities. They must manage finances, generate ideas, plan, execute, and evaluate repeatedly. It can be a massive task, and even small improvements can make a significant difference.

Simplifying tools for better board mettings and improved communication among board members would ideally free up more time and energy for essential board work. This would have a positive impact on the millions of people who are in contact with associations every day, consciously or unconsciously. Whether it's handball clubs, civic associations, political groups, or cooperatives, they all provide assistance to children, organize concerts, charity events, and sports activities year-round. All of this is primarily driven by volunteering.

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